TCSRI: Our approach and why people like it

There is no one right way to quit.

Most programs make you quit a certain way - their way.

Often they demand that you set a quit date whether or not that feels right to you.

That may work for a few people, but it's normal for most people to be a little unsure when they consider quitting. We understand that you will succeed by moving at your own pace and staying comfortable along the way.


When you find what works for you, without being told what to do or forced to quit a certain way, you are on the path to success. Our tobacco treatment specialists have helped hundreds of people quit. People like the way we identify what will work for you and support the choices you make as you move into action. 

How you quit matters. When you follow your own plan and stay comfortable you are more likely to quit, and, more importantly, stay quit for good. 


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