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Workplace Tobacco Cessation Programs

The CDC estimates that 48.6% of adult every day smokers in Rhode Island tried to quit smoking for one or more days in 2015.

Our Workplace Tobacco Cessation Program is convenient because we come to you.

Helping your employees quit is a win-win. Tobacco use costs you in absenteeism due to health issues, presenteeism due to withdrawal symptoms and money due to higher healthcare costs. Research estimates this annual cost to be $5800 per employee. When your employee quits you win, too.


There are a lot of digital options out there for health coaching and tobacco cessation. They are great, but, if your employees are not particularly tech-savvy or they simply prefer working with an actual human being who gets what they are going through, you are in the right place.


Our program is effective because it is built on the collaborative, goal-oriented relationship our facilitators create with your employee.


We specialize in personalized, on-site treatment for tobacco use with an emphasis on relapse prevention. We want your people to quit and stay quit. You can help them do that.


TCSRI offers tobacco cessation comprised of:

  • Free 45-minute informational session at your company's location

  • 30-minute individual intake/medical history by telephone

  • 8 weekly group sessions of 45 minutes on-site

  • Small group size: minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 participants

  • A dedicated Tobacco Treatment Specialist facilitator provides all group services from outreach through follow-up.

  • Group sessions focus on goal-oriented activities and end with participant-generated action steps 

  • Individualized Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) counseling is provided see if nicotine patches, gum or lozenges are medically appropriate.

  • Optional telephonic and/or text relapse prevention follow-up package is available for an additional 4 weeks after completing group sessions 

  • Tiered Pricing makes the ROI on our programs a no-brainer. Rather than having a high fixed fee, you pay a standard base fee and a per person rate for each person who enrolls.

TCSRI programs are customized to suit each group’s participants and feature

evidence-based, solution-focused, in-person, telephonic and digital counseling.

Participants receive a variety of materials (handbook and supplementary resources)

addressing relevant items to their situation, including the following:

o   Health Risks of Tobacco Use

o   Health Benefits of Quitting

o   Understanding Human Behavior Change

o   Creating Healthier Habits

o   Recognizing and Neutralizing Triggers

o   Quitting Comfortably and Avoiding Withdrawal

o   Nicotine Replacement Therapies

o   Secondhand Smoke

o   Vaping (ENDS)

o   Smokeless Tobacco Use

o   Tobacco Industry Marketing Tactics

o   Effective Stress Management

o   Tobacco Use and Chronic Diseases: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, COPD, etc.

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